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In the summer of 2001, I went on a wonderful vacation to New Hampshire to visit friends. While there, I kept a journal that was ultimately 85 typed pages. This is the edited version (still in progress), with accompanying photos.

Day 1 (July 20): The Flight

Day 2 (July 21): Strawberry Hullers and "Oklahoma!"

Day 3 (July 22): Portsmouth

Day 4 (July 23): Timmy, Chili's, and Guns

Day 5 (July 24): Lake Winnipesaukee, Fogarty's, and Pole Wars

Day 6 (July 25): Hampton Beach Fireworks

Day 7 (July 26): UNH

Day 8 (July 27): The Convention Begins

Day 9 (July 28): The Convention Continues

Day 10 (July 29): The Convention Ends

Day 11 (July 30): Six Flags

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