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This appears to be the obligatory links page that is seen on so many personal Web pages, but I see it as a way to make life easier for others.

News Pages:

The Lodi News-Sentinel
I've been at the News-Sentinel since May 2002 and am the police and courts reporter. It's a daily paper with a circulation of 17,000, and there is just enough excitement to make my job quite fun.

The State Hornet
This is the newspaper where I worked for two years, one of those years as editor, and it serves the California State University, Sacramento, campus of approximately 30,000 students and faculty.

The Associated Press News Wire
The AP is the largest news wire service in the world. Not only are the stories published quickly, but my second cousin is in the highest ranks of the organization. (Yes, I'm proud of her; do a search for Linda Deutsch and you'll find thousands of articles.)

Google News
Rapidly becoming one of the best news sources on the Web, Google's latest creation searches more than 4,000 news sources and automatically updates it constantly. It's all automated so that no person is behind it, deciding what is the biggest news.

Yahoo! News
This news on this site is often the most current, because it pulls articles from a variety of sources, including the AP and Reuters (another international wire service).

The site has been scaled back a bit because of the fallout of the dot-com industry, but it still keeps up on the most current news.

The Drudge Report
Often one of the first sites to break big stories -- both true and false stories -- this site also has links to some of the most current news available online, as well as links to many other news sites.

The Sacramento Bee
My former city's main newspaper, it has a circulation of about 400,000.

The Mt. Shasta Herald/Weed Press
Updated weekly on Wednesdays, this is the newspaper for my home town.

Search Engines:

This is the best search engine I have ever seen in my travels over the Internet. Surround phrases with quotation marks, and it will only return pages that have that full phrase. Other features include image, catalog and news searches.

This one uses other search engines and returns results from each engine.

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