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Memories of The State Hornet.
I worked at The State Hornet newspaper for two years, the second of which I was Editor in Chief. The Hornet permanently changed my life, and it was there that I realized I wanted to become a journalist. Along the way, I learned a lot, I grew a lot, and I met a lot of amazing people. These are some of my memories.
(Click on each picture to see more details. All photos © 2001 by Layla Bohm.)

This page will be changing as I scan and organize more photos. While it's under construction, I've placed the Associated Students, Inc. banquet photos below, though they will eventually move to their own page.

It was the end-of-
the-year ASI banquet,
so we dressed up.

Back: Josh, Ellen, Russ, Justin. Front: Layla, Nessa, Jaclyn.
They actually invited
a few Hornet people,
so we went.

Ellen and Josh dancing
Defintion of banquet:
"Food, endless
awards, dancing."

Ellen and Josh dancing
Josh wrote a column
about 'selling out,'
but he still went.

Josh and Russ
Josh and Russ both
sported suits with
tied ties.

Claudia and Dave
Josh enjoyed dancing,
and people enjoyed

Russ and Nessa
Russ got into it, too.
(Yes, we had a
'Hornet' section.)

Crystal, Brooke and Jennifer
Of course, the Hornet
crew didn't take over
the WHOLE floor...

Josh & Co.
...But we certainly
weren't wallflowers,

Brendan, Crystal, Brooke, Jennifer and Hans
People paused their
dancing to pose
for pictures.

But others (such
as Hans) were
caught off guard.

Jaclyn, Justin and Layla
See? Hornet people
don't always appear
to be weird.

Layla and Eric
The ASI president-
elect was in
attendance, naturally.

Eric and Veronica
Eric and Veronica
smiled, but Eric
was planning...

Hans, Josh and Brendan
...to gang up on Josh
and throw him in
the air. Twice.

Josh was mildly
shocked, and his hair
got messed up.

Layla, Josh and Nessa
Josh was still a bit
unsettled by the
throwing incident.

Russ, Layla, Nessa and Josh
But at one point
he was smiling for
a picture.

Josh, Russ, Nessa and Layla
And later, he was
back to being
'normal' Josh.

He even returned to
dancing. But it
wasn't over yet.

Art and Josh
Art tried to strangle
Josh before he
could leave.

Mohamed and Josh
Was that when
Mohamed tried to tell
Josh something?

Layla and Nessa
Before we left,
Nessa and I took
one more picture.

Russ and Josh
And Russ licked Josh.
Yes, it was a good

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